What does Chensheng Really Do?

Main products

▶  Casino poker/plastic poker
▶  Flower cut magic poker
▶  Advertising poker
▶  Game cards/Board game
▶  TCG cards/Collection cards
▶  Tarot cards 
▶  Early education card for kids
▶  Affirmation cards for women
▶  Packaging box

No.1 ▶ Casino poker/plastic poker

We produce casino standard poker which is also our dominant product.

Why we can do this?

We’re committed to producing supreme quality playing cards instead of mass products, this defines our tone in the playing card industry.

We’ve got a professional production machine that meets casino inspection standards.

We’ve got imported 310g Germany Black Core paper in stock, which is the best paper used for playing cards. Also, we have 280g-350g Blue core paper, and white core paper available as well as 0.3mm-0.35mm Plastic material.

No.2 ▶ magic poker for cardistry

Only if you can manage it, we can make it happen.

Why we can do this?

We’ve got a variety of shapes of molds, whatever you want.

We have 5 punching machines working day in and day out.

We have hundreds of cutting molds in different sizes, and we support customized sizes.

No.3 ▶ Advertising playing cards

Advertising playing cards that elevate the value of your products, help you to promote the goods.

Why we can do this?

We’ve got the machine to fulfill the treatment. This is the hot stamp machine to foil the box and cards.

We also have an online/offline varnishing machine, lamination machine, embossing machine, shrink wrap machine, and other professional equipment.

No.4 ▶ Game cards/Board game

We’re an authorized manufacturer of several famous brands of card games/Board games.

Why we can do this?

We have a full set of production lines.

We have two workshops equipped with 20+ production machines with 2 sets of assembly lines.

No.5 ▶ TCG cards/Collection cards

We’re proud of the TCG cards we produced. They’re extremely delicate and worth collecting.

Why we can do this?

We’re proud of the possession of the Heidelberg XL 8+1 UV printing press, which is a killer for TCG cards.

We have an automatic inspection machine that ensures a 0% defect rate for the collectibles.

No.6 ▶ Tarot cards

They create classic Tarot cards.

And fancy Tarot that presents individuality

Why we can do this?

We’re masters of crafts such as hot stamp, gilded edge, and cold foil, which make your cards incredibly amazing.

Full inspections secure every single card is properly produced.

No.7 ▶ Early education card for kids

Kids are the future. And education is the cornerstone of the future.

We’re proud to be part of it.

Why we can do this?

We use Eco-friendly raw materials, including paper and soy oil, and varnishing which are safe for kids.

We’re a BSCI and Sedex audited manufacturer, supporting the sustainability of the planet.

No.8 ▶ Affirmation cards for women

Affirmation cards and meditation cards help women to strengthen their power.

Why we can do this?

The assembly line is on a women’s basis.

They’re diligent, they’re dedicated, they’re beautiful, and they’re indispensable to our company and, to our society.

No.9 ▶ Packaging box

Alongside the cards, we also provide the boxes.

Why we can do this?

Although it’s a sideline of our productions, we do produce exquisite boxes that fit the cards.

We have standard poker boxes including paper tuck boxes and plastic boxes, rigid boxes with lids, book-style magnetic boxes, Drawer boxes, hanger boxes, and display boxes

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