educational Cards

Educational Cards

Embark on a journey of early intellectual development with our meticulously crafted Early Education Cards. Designed by the intricacies of infant brain development, these cards are an indispensable tool for nurturing your little one’s cognitive growth.

Our comprehensive set features a variety of card categories, each meticulously curated to stimulate different facets of your baby’s burgeoning mind. From captivating black and white outline cards to vibrant colored shapes and expressive faces to everyday objects, logos, fruits, vegetables, and adorable animals – we cover it all!

Research has shown that the first two years of a baby’s life are paramount for brain development. During this critical period, your baby’s mind is like a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting sensory input to flourish. Visual stimulation, in particular, plays a pivotal role in sculpting the intricate neural pathways of your baby’s brain. By exposing your little one to our carefully designed cards featuring sharp contrasts, bold colors, and delightful illustrations, you’re laying the foundation for a complex and robust visual cortex.

Give your baby the gift of boundless potential with our Early Education Cards. Start shaping their future today!

Custom Educational Cards Printing

Educational cards like flash cards can help children learn words, alphabet, animals and so on. This learning method is with a lot of fun, while children can get better memory of it. Chensheng is a professtional printed for educational cards, the material we use is environmentally friendly, carefully selected and used for our printing pigments. We usually use matte varnishing or matte lamination for cards, that will help protect children’s eyes.

1. Confirm Your Educational Card Game Design

We can help adjust the size, text, structure with your vector file, or add die cut. Moreover, we are able to share some simple designs, you can put your logo on it. We have lots of card sizes and box types for your choice. If any templates are needed, we are willing to offer.

Educational Cards Custom Process

1. Confirm the specifications of your flash cards(Determine the number of cards per set, their size, material, and the box’s style, thickness, and finishes.)


2. We will provide templates for your card deck.


3. Put your artwork on the template, it’s better to use AI, PDF or PSD format.


4. We will prepare pring proof according to your files, and send you for approval.


5. If everything is good, we will start printing. During production, we will send you videos or pictures so that you will know what’s going on.

2.Custom Educational Card Sizes and Styles

Here are some example cards that we made, the sizes are customized, let me know your idea!

Custom Numbers, Letters Flashcards
Custom Oval Princess Flashcards
Custom oval educational cards
Custom Square Flashcards
Custom triangle educational cards

3.Custom flash cards Printed Paper

For educational cards, we have various paper options to choose, it mainly depends on your budget and requirements.

280G Chinese GreyCore Paper

The most economic paper stock, usually used in the products that sell in 5 Below and other supermarket.

300/350/400GC2S ArtPaper

Art paper is the a good material for educational flash cards. The paper itself is smooth and white enough, with printing it looks colorful.

280/300G Chinese Blue Core Paper

Blue core paper is used in educational cards too, it is with better stiffness and more durable.

Joker card

100% New Plastic

Plastic is the most experiment material, but it is washable and can not be torn. So it has a long life no matter how children play the card. Children can even play the cards when they are taking a bath!

275~375G Hologram Paper/ Foil Paper

Hologram paper, not suitable for children products

310/330G German Black Core Paper,

German black core paper, best paper stock for cards, but it is not very thick, and it is with linen finish, we selsom use it for children products.

Custom Educational Cards Printed Project

We support finish option for your printing custom Educational Cards. there are the best combinations for vour printed project, lots of finishings for your options:


Music symbol flash cards with UV coating, it is dry-erased when you use a marker
Chinese literacy flash card, printed QR code, mobile phone can scan and read
Math test card with erasable pen
Color drawing flash card with color brush, puzzle format
Literacy learning flash cards that can be printed in specific codes for machine scanning ,sliding drawer box
Triangle flash card,custom tray and craft paper box

Custom Educational Cards FAQ

We often use rigid box for flash card, we can make custom thickness of greyboard so that fit your cards with great protectionn.

Our prices are subject to change based on the changing costs of materials, printing vendors, and shipping

The exact cost of printing flash cards depends on the choice of materials, size, number, and any special finishes.

We use heavy weight paper to make flash cards. This kind of paper is thicker than normal writing paper and is stiff and robust like cardboard. It has a coated surface for printing on and we can also finish it with varnish, lamination, and other techniques as you wish. These are the most common paper types we use for flash cards 300 gsm /0.31mm 350 gsm /0.36mm 400gsm/0.43mm

Apart from our experience and expertise, we offer an unparalleled level of personal customer service and unbeatable pricing.


We also use state-of-the-art printing technology and offer a range of environmentally friendly options, including recycled paper and card, FSC-certification, UPSC-certification, and more.


Our expert team will check all your files free as part of the service and we have rigorous quality control protocols “baked in” to our design and manufacturing systems—including weight-checking your finished package to make sure no cards have gone missing—so we can guarantee a perfect result every time.

If you have any idea or concept for the products, please contact us.

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