pLAstic playing Cards

Custom Plastic Playing Cards

custom plastic playing cards

Plastic playing cards have the characteristics of flexible and waterproof. It is much more durable than paper playing cards. Plastic playing cards plays an important role in Texas Hold’em game for its excellent performance.

Chensheng Custom Plastic Playing Card Manufacturer has advanced, complete and professional poker card production line. The company’s products cover poker cards: casino poker, high-end cards, plastic cards, gold foil playing card, foreign trade cards, cards, gift cards, special-shaped PVC materials poker, poker magic playing cards, bar code entertainment, imported black core paper cards, plastic cards, Texas anime board game cards and other high-end poker customization production cooperative enterprises.

Custom Plastic Playing Cards

Chensheng uses 100% new PVC for plastic playing cards, which is green material and not second-recycled. Plastic playing cards are always used in Casinos and resorts. For its durable characteristics, a deck can be used for many times without color fade away. We can add barcode on it, or print code with security ink. Also for the online casino, we can also provide large size with jumbo index.


The Advantages Of Plastic Playing Cards:

  • -Strong durability, long service life. Plastic material has high water resistance and durability, so plastic playing cards have a long service life.


  • -Good feeling, clear card face. Plastic material is relatively hard, but good resilience, not easy to be damaged, feel very good, the brand surface is very clear.


  • -Washable, dirt resistant and more waterproof. PVC material is easy to clean and maintain.

Custom Plastic Playing Card Packaging

For box, we have one deck box, two decks box, and 12 decks inner box.
there are lots of package boxes for your options:
· Clear hard-plastic custom-hinged case
· Custom-printed sleeves
· Custom-printed two-part boxes
· Wooden box
· PVC/PU leather box
· PVC/PU leather organizer
.Cello-wrapped or shrink-wrapped
· Plain or custom tuck boxes
· White window tuck boxes
· Plain clear hard-plastic cases
· More packaging choices


custom plastic playing cards
custom plastic playing cards
custom plastic playing cards
custom plastic playing cards manufacturer
plastic playing cards manufacturer
plastic playing cards manufacturer

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