pLAstic playing Cards

Custom Plastic Playing Cards

custom plastic playing cards

Plastic playing cards have the characteristics of flexible and waterproof. It is much more durable than paper playing cards. Plastic playing cards plays an important role in Texas Hold’em game for its excellent performance.

Chensheng Custom Plastic Playing Card Manufacturer has advanced, complete and professional poker card production line. The company’s products cover poker cards: casino poker, high-end cards, plastic cards, gold foil playing card, foreign trade cards, cards, gift cards, special-shaped PVC materials poker, poker magic playing cards, bar code entertainment, imported black core paper cards, plastic cards, Texas anime board game cards and other high-end poker customization production cooperative enterprises.

Why Choose Plastic Playing Cards?

Chensheng uses 100% new PVC for plastic playing cards, which is green material and not second-recycled. Plastic playing cards are always used in Casinos and resorts. For its durable characteristics, a deck can be used for many times without color fade away. We can add barcode on it, or print code with security ink. Also for the online casino, we can also provide large size with jumbo index.

The Advantages Of Plastic Playing Cards:

Long-Lasting Durability of Plastic Playing Cards

Strong durability, long service life. Plastic material has high water resistance and durability, so plastic playing cards have a long service life.

Waterproof Qualities of Plastic Playing Cards

Washable, dirt resistant and more waterproof. PVC material is easy to clean and maintain.

A better gaming experience:

Good feeling, clear card face. Plastic material is relatively hard, but good resilience, not easy to be damaged, feel very good, the brand surface is very clear.

Why Choose Chensheng as Your Custom Plastic
Playing Cards Manufacturer?

Chensheng is a manufacturer of customizing all kinds of Plastic Playing Cards for more than 20 years, Chensheng not only havs the most flexible custom options and professional team, but also the most exquisite all kinds operating machines. 

Moreover Chensheng also provides the high-end production, reliable & safe shipment and professional after sales-services. Although many customers are worry the quality, Chensheng has high-quality products guarantee and 100% QC inspection during the whole production time.

Before the production, the experienced salespersons of Chensheng would do many preliminary works such as help customers to get all the info details and guide them to make the choice & decision they want patiently and carefully; during the production, the staff would focus on shraing all the updates with customers, and some customers will require to comfirm some details like the printing, some workmanship effect and package etc, no matter what it is the staff of Chensheng would follow up seriously; after the production, Chensheng will take care of the after sales-services professionaly and reponsibly.

Why Choose Us

Custom Playing Card Sizes and Styles

1. Professional CTP Design Edition:Chensheng has the professional designers who edit and adjust customer’s original design fies to fit printing production and reach the customer’s brand effect they want!


2. Flexible Custom Options: Chensheng provides all the custom options based on the customers require like the raw material, size, surface finish, printing, technique and package etc details.


3. Copyright Protection:Chensheng highly protects all the customer’s design and copyright, Chensheng as a customized manufacturer which quite awares that the copyright is everything.


4. Experienced Staff:All the staff in Chensheng is professional and skillful, moreover Chensheng would have training once 2 weeks to improve their skills and communication that serve customers better.


5. Exquisite Operating Machines:Chensheng has high-end printing machine like Heidelberg Printing Machine and Heidelberg UV Printing Machine ect. That could highly ensure the final printing quality and production standards.


6. Professional After Sales-services:Chensheng has reliable after sales-services team, if customers have any question for their own products or something comfused this team of Chensheng would help customers to solve question carefuly and patiently.

How to Custom Plasic Playing Cards

1:The size and style of custom Plastic Playing Cards

Without a doubt, Chensheng provides various custom details for plastic playing cards, with all options based on customer needs. 

Furthermore, Chensheng’s advantage lies in their possession of one of the world’s best printing machines and a variety of excellent equipment.

Custom Black Matte Plastic Playing Cards
Plastic playing card packaging

2:Custom packaging box

For the plastic playing cards box package type, Chensheng is mainly offering the tuck Box. The tuck box also includes the double plug tuck box and automated tuck box.

The double plug tuck box is cost-effective and common choice; the automated tuck box is convenient to use and easy to make. The tuck box also includes the sticking bottom tuck box, tin box, plastic thck box, half-automated tuck box etc.

Custom Plasic Playing Cards Printed Project

We support finish option for your printing Custom Plasic Playing Cards.there are the best combinations for vour printed project, lots of finishings for your options:


custom plastic playing cards
custom plastic playing cards
custom plastic playing cards
custom plastic playing cards manufacturer
plastic playing cards manufacturer
plastic playing cards manufacturer

Custom Plastic Playing Cards FAQ

Firstly Chensheng needs to confirm if you have your own design, then we need to get your all the custom details. If you’re not sure which or what type you should choose please don’y worry, Chensheng has the professional salesperson to help you. Then we would quote you based on your specification later then if everything is smooth, the salesperson of Chensheng will guide you the next steps.

Chensheng higly ensures the copyright and privacy of customer’s design and details.
Sure Chensheng is providing the privacy contract of copyright and specs, the contact will come into effect as soon as we sign it.

Chensheng uses the Offset Printing Method, and our printing machine is Heidelberg Printing Machine
which is the best printing brand in the world. Moreover Chensheng has completely experienced 100% QC inspection during the whole production process.

Chensheng’s MOQ is 1000 decks, and the payment term
is 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment.

Yes Chensheng’s price is includes the whole unit price,
it’s including the cards & tuck box together.

Chensheng mainly offers custom printing services, which meant that all the steps would get the permission by the customers. Once Chensheng get the confirmation the staff would
always keep updates with the customers and follow up the production till they’re completely finished.
During the production, the salesperson would take pictures or video send the customers and let them know the further updates.

The raw material of customizing plastic playing cards in Chensheng is the 100% New PVC Raw Material.
But there are different PVC thickness, normally is 0.25-0.35mm thickness.
The specific thickness is determineded by the customers, different thickness is different hand-feeling and price.

Yes you could, Chensheng has own in-common plastic playing cards design, it’s the fron, back side
and tuck box. If you’d like to add your logo to the cards and box, when Chensheng receive your order they have
professional designers that could help you arrange the designing CTP edition for free and reach the effect you want.

The main package of Chensheng is the tuck box, the packing method is mainly shrinkwrap,
The package department of Chensheng would shrinkwrap the box when the cards are finished
packing then will pack them into the tough carton case. That can prevent the damage extremely.

Chensheng is not offering the dropshipping service, but Chensheng provides the shipment service.
Chensheng has many dependable and safe logistics agent company partners, if some customers don’t have their own forwarder agent, Chensheng would help them to arrange the shipment and delivery accordingly.

If you have any idea or concept for the products, please contact us.

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