CASINO playing cards

Casino Playing Cards

custom casino playing cards

The casino refers to the place for gambling gambling, often refers to the legal operation of a variety of gambling places; At the same time, casinos also refer to illegal gambling places, these places are commonly known as gambling dens or gambling workshops. As of February 2009, there are sea casinos, underground casinos, online casinos, live casinos, and even sky casinos! The four most famous casinos in the world are Macau, Monaco, Atlantic City and Las Vegas.Casinos mostly offer gamblers to bet against house makers. The common gambling methods offered are: corner slot machines, Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc. Chinese people participate in more casinos generally also have dice bo, Pai gow, pan stall and other games. Chensheng Custom oem Casino Playing Cards Manufacturer offers oem casino playing cards(odm) and poker chips. We have paper and plastic playing cards, different kinds of poker chips for your choice

Why Choose Chensheng?

Chenshen offers custom OEM, ODM service of playing cards and poker chips. We can provide black core paper with linen finish, it shows great performance in prevent light seen through. And our plastic playing cards especially for Texas Hold’em. All production line is with great confidentiality. We have offset printer and UV offset printer which means no matter paper or plastic material, we can print ourselves.

For custom casino playing cards, we offer the following materials:

280/300G Chinese Blue Core Paper

The paper is soft and used in our ordinary entertainment materials. After glossy finished, it will also have good hand feel and shuffling effect

310/330G German Black Core Paper,

Excellent casino material air-cushion finished, best material of paper card.

Joker card

100% New Plastic

0.3/0.32mm, waterproof, material for casino or online casino ,professional poker tournament

Custom Casino Chips

For custom poker chips, we can provide different kinds of poker chips for your choice, we have ceramic chips, clay
chips and crystal one. All products can be printed with anti-counterfeiting ink,
which protects the safety of the casino.
Custom Ceramic Chips
Custom Casino Chips
Custom Clay Chips
Custom Casino Chips
Custom Crystal Chips
Custom Casino Chips

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Custom Poker Chips, tailor-made to suit your style and game.

Playing Cards in Casino

High quality Material: 310g German black core paper used in Casino, which used in Air-cushion Finished, prefer by the casino dealer. Card in excellent durability due to the use of premium raw materials.


Accurate printing: We use our king of printer – Heidelberg printing machine, work in your PDF/AI file, in this way, add our custom logo print by special ink on our anti-counterfeiting logo, this is also the standard for casino dealer detection plates, which are detected by ultraviolet anti-counterfeiting lights.


Rigorous quality inspection: We will pass the quality inspection team to check the paper and printing processing, and hand over the rest to the machine, it can see where we cannot, to ensure the quality of the product then through professional quality inspection machine scanning, the machine can quickly detect the content of the Casino playing cards above, whether the color is consistant.

custom playing cards


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custom casino playing card set
custom casino playing card manufacturer
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Casino Playing Cards FAQ

We accept AI, PDF, PSD, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMPs.


If the design was done in Photoshop, the file should be sent in .psd format. If the art was done in Adobe Illustrator, the file should be sent in .ai format. Also, the minimum resolution of any flat image (JPEG, PNG, etc.) must be 300 DPI.

Our MOQ is 500 units, considering the material cost is the same but the print setup cost is higher.

Our prices are subject to change based on the changing costs of materials, printing vendors, and shipping.

20-30 days after we confirm the proofs and samples.

We can provide quality samples for you reference, pls contact us.

The cards will be varnished for two times, so that the card has the best feeling.

If you have any idea or concept for the products, please contact us.

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