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Custom TCG Cards

custom TCG cards

Trading card game (TCG) for short. As the name implies, this game is based on collecting cards. Players must buy supplementary packs packed randomly, collect cards, and then flexibly use different cards according to their strategies to build a set of cards in line with the game’s rules. As each person’s deck is different, the order in which they catch a card in each game is also different, and endless variations arise. Preparing for and playing a game requires the player to use their brain constantly. Generally speaking, these cards have some value, and players can trade and exchange their cards with each other.

The specific origin of the TCG card game was in 1993 when Magic: The Gathering launched physical cards, and it has developed continuously for 28 years. So far, there are three major TCG cards: Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Of course, there are more and more new stars on the rise. New cards such as Cardfight, Dragon Ball Super, Flesh, and Blood follow the trend, and more and more players are exposed to the TCG circle, making the whole circle more active and talkable.

If you have new ideas about TCG cards and want to create or customize different cards, please get in touch with Dongguan Chensheng Printing Co., LTD. Let us help you complete your dream; we look forward to working with you.

Custom Your Trading Card Game

Chensheng is an experienced and professional manufacturer of customizing TCG Games, as we all know that custom TCG games are a time-consuming and sophisticated technique.

In spite of the complication, however in Chensheng everything will become a simple process and easy to make. Chensheng has the skillful and patient salesperson who guides customers to produce their own TCG Games.

Initially, Chensheng verifies if clients have their own designs for cards, booster packs, and boxes. Then, they familiarize themselves with all client specifications, offering customized printing services with various options like size, material, finish, and packaging to meet client needs.

Chensheng will analyze customer specifications, including design quantity and rarities, to determine optimal production conditions and lead times. Key aspects in TCG card production include holo and non-holo (foil) cards, with most customers opting for masks on foil cards. Essential factors like raw materials, size, techniques, and packaging are prioritized, considering the discerning nature of TCG clients who value quality and detail due to the time-intensive and high standards required in TCG card production.

Thirdly, Chensheng also needs to know the package requirements of customers. Various customers have different packing methods, in consideration of their own brand overal effect and demand after all the package quantity is higly influence the total quantity and customer’s marketing etc.

Finally, Chensheng would start the production after going all the preliminary works well, then the staff of Chensheng will follow up this project and keep updated details with customer all the time. Meanwhile during the whole production process, Chensheng has 100% professional QC Insoection, which extremely ensure the producs quality and customer’s satisfaction.

Making TCG Game Cards, Chensheng is the best and ideal choice.

Custom Force of Will TCG Cards

Standard size: 63*88mm.


Material: 300gsm art paper/ 300gsm blue core paper/ 305gsm Japanese black core paper.


Foil type: rainbow foil / star foil/ diamond foil/ texture foil and so on.


Technique: hot stamp/ cold foil/ spot uv/ stratching ink/ gilded edges.

Customizing Booster Pack

Material: 0.04-0.08mm thickness foil material
Technique: 8/0C, printing

Customizing Booster Box

Material: 400gsm art C1S art paper
Technique: 4/0C, lamination, die cut and 24/30/36 booster packs put inside, shrinkwrap(custom wrap if needed)

Trading Card Printing Effect Showcase

Holographic rainbow effect

Holographic Rainbow Effect

  • 63x88mm

  • 300gsm art paper

  • Matte varnish/ stamp

Holographic effect

Holographic Effect

  • 63x88mm
  • 280g blue core paper
  • Glossy varnish
Holo cloud effect

Holo Cloud Effect

  • 63x88mm

  • 350g art paper

  • UV varnish

holo effect

Holo Effect

  • 63x88mm

  • 300g blue core paper

  • Semi-glossy varnish

Holographic film effect

Holographic Film Effect

  • 63x88mm

  • 305g Japanese black core

  • Glossy varnish

Holo film effect

Holo Film Effect

  • 63x88mm

  • special paper

  • Reversing UV varnish


High-Quality Custom Game Card Printing
custom TCG cards
custom TCG cards
custom TCG cards manufacturer
custom TCG cards manufacturer
custom TCG cards manufacturer


Custom TCG Cards FAQ

Chensheng’s MOQ is included 2 types. The first one is with the booster box: with box MOQ is 500 boxes;
The second one is without the box / with the booster pack: MOQ is 10000 packs.

The package is depends on the customer’s specific requirement. Normally is the booster pack and booster box, however some customers may need the tuck box as their main package.

Yes you could, Chensheng is mainly provide custom printing services.
We could do every printing services for you once you have your own design.

Custom Trading Cards are make your own brand or products and reach the effect and needs you want. The available Trading Cards are based on other’s
ideas to make and you may one of the ones who appreciate them.

The size and raw material are depends on your own requirements. But the standard size of TCG is 63*88mm or 63.5*88.9mm, those details are based on your specific demands.

Yes, Chensheng has the die-cutting template of cards, booster pack and booster box. And it could provide to you for the main reference and making.

Chensheng’s printing method of producing TCG game cards are the Offset Printing. And Chensheng has exquisite Heidelberg UV Printing Machine, which highly confirm the printing overal quality and color etc.

Chensheng has high-end Automated-Packing Machine, which extremely ensure the packing quality and accuracy.

Chensheng has the main quality and truth guarantee for making TCG customers, such as 100% experienced QC inspection during the whole production and support the third party to inspect the goods.

Yeah Chensheng accepts any type of inspection, like the third party inspection, Inspection Company, and customer’s own QC team etc.

If you have any idea or concept for the products, please contact us.