Custom Tarot Card Printing

The tarot (first known as trionfi and later as tarocchi, tarock, and others) is a pack of playing cards (most commonly numbering 78), used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play card games such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot. From the late 18th century until the present, the tarot has also been used by mystics and occultists in divination or as a map of mental and spiritual pathways.

Many people enjoy tarot cards as a hobby or career, but how many have their custom-printed tarot cards? Stand out from other Tarot readers and showcase your skills and creativity by designing your custom tarot card. Create your design for custom tarot cards.

How do I customize a deck of Tarot cards?

Firstly, you need to have your design; click here to download the card and box templates and fill in the bleed lines with your design. If you would like to see how your cards will look, contact us for a digital prototype.

1. Custom Tarot Cards Size

There are 6 most common tarot cards size provided by Chensheng, the first one is 70*120mm, the second is 66*120mm then is 89*127mm, 85*120mm, 89*146mm, and 63x88mm these polular size.

  • • Traditional size: 70*120mm Tarot Cards. This size has relatively historical meaning with the original Rider-Waite Tarot Cards and due to the popularity and familiarity which become the most popular Tarot Cards. Traditional Tarot Cards are convenient for shuffling and moving, it’s the best size choice for the Tarot Divination.
  • • High sizd: 89*146mm Tatot Cards size. This size is very suitable for specifically
    illustrative reading and adding the meaning and attention of any cards’s reading.
  • • Wide size: 85*120mm Tarot Cards size. This size provides more practical advantage like they’re more easily be handed when reading especially for those who like more tough and strong feeling. This size is quite fit showing the complicated details on the art exhibition but however, these details are easily lost in smaller size.
  • • Large size: 89*127mm Tarot Cards size. This size is commonly fit for demonstrating the complex details of your artistic work.And this size is more suitable for
    those persons who are fond of reading fascinating Tarot understanding or lik spreading Tarot out on the table to read them.
  • • Pocket-size: 63*88mm Tarot Cards size. This size is extremely suitable for those people who are looking for the portable tarot cards that could put into the bag or wallet easily. The smaller size Tarot Cards makes easily disposing the tarot cards when going the Tarot Cards Divination thus achieve more controls accordingly.
Tarot Card Size
Custom tarot decks in different sizes

2.Process of Customizing Tarot Cards

Firstly, Chensheng needs to ensure if you have your own Tarot Cards original design files then we could going to the next steps. After confirming customer’s details, Chensheng also need to sort out the products type that customers need to make.

Then based on customer’s production details, Chensheng will quotate them and send some relevent info like the lead time, package details and production updates etc.

Chensheng will arrange the production after receiving the order from customers. However there are some preliminary works that Chensheng need to handle like the CTP design making, raw material preparation and production schdule confirmed etc.

When the whole production is finished Chensheng would contact customers in time and arrange the further updates like arrange the shipment. Chensheng’ll help customers to solve the shipment issue responsibly.

3.Custom Tarot cards Printed Paper

As we all know that for making Tarot Cards the raw material plays an vital role. To meet the customer’s needs and reach the production effect they want, Chensheng provides many raw material of customizing Tarot Cards options.Different raw material is highly impact the customer’s brand or products marketing, moreover various raw material has different final printing color, price and overall satisfaction etc.

280G Chinese GreyCore Paper

280G Chinese GreyCore Paper is the cheapest paper and use in making advertising Tarot Cards. Some customers may choose this type raw material for their first products test.

300/350/400GC2S ArtPaper

This material is very suitable for producing Tarot Cards perfectly, and this type material is extremely to the taste of America and Europe customers.

280/300G Chinese Blue Core Paper

This kind of raw material could always keep a good hand-feeling, amazing performance and high-quality etc.

Joker card

100% New Plastic

100% New Plastic is the best raw material, this type material has a very high-end performance and extraodinary quality. the performance like the water-proof, durable, flexible etc.

275~375G Hologram Paper/ Foil Paper

This raw material is fit for the supernormal types Tarot Cards, no matter what demands or requirements that customers have Chensheng would pays 100% efforts to serve them.

310/330G German Black Core Paper,

The 310g/330g German Black Core Paper is world-class raw material, perfect for various card types and offers top-quality performance.

Custom Tarot Cards Printed Project

We support finish option for your printing custom Tarot cards.there are the best combinations for vour printed project, lots of
finishings for your options:

Custom Packaging

1. Custom Top and Bottom Box


2. Custom Book-type Magnet Box


3.Custom Tuck Box


4.Custom Hanging Box


5.Custom Drawer Box


6. Custom Tin Box

Tarot Card Custom Packaging Options


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Custom Tarot Cards FAQ

Our MOQ is 1000 sets for customizing Tarot Cards.

Chensheng has many package options for making Tarot Cards. The most popular package is the top & bottom box and the book-type magnet box, drawer box and the double plug box etc.
The specific package is based on you want.

Yes Chensheng has the cards, box and other template like the booklet and inner tray. Once any customers need them the salesperson of Chensheng will send it to you.

Chensheng could also make the further products like the booklet, instruction and inner tray etc.

Yes sure, Chensheng could also custom the Myth Tarot Cards, Game Tarot Cards, Figures Tarot Cards etc.

Chensheng could produce all kinds of Tarot Cards as soon as customers have their own products / Brand original design files.

Chensheng has 100% professional QC inspection during the whole production and our cpmpany is support any forms QC team of customer’s come to Chensheng for inspecting the complete goods.

Chensheng has popular and very common production technique like the Hot Stamp, Gilded Edge, and Cold Stamp etc.These production technique requires further talking with customers patiently and carefully.

Yes, Chensheng has a specialized hot stamp gloden raw material book. There are various making color that are available for customers,
and the staff of Chensheng would take pictures or videos to customers for the better choice and decision.

For making the Gold Foil workmanship, Chensheng has these methods like the Hot Stamp, Cold Stamp and Printing Gold etc. Chensheng’s production team is always pay much attention to this technqiue to ensure a high-quality outcome.

If you have any idea or concept for the products, please contact us.

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