Do You Know How to Start Customizing Your Cards?

Introduction: Many creators and customers will encounter some difficulties in customizing your cards no matter what type of the cards. Sometimes they’re confused or torn about the raw material choices, surface treatment options, actual printing effect and package methods, etc.

Dongguan Chensheng Printing Co., Ltd. dedicates in helping creators or customers to solve questions perfectly and reaching the customization effects that they want!

Preparation before the printing – Original Designs Finish: Chensheng mainly provides the customizing printing services, thus all the designs must be copyrighted and authorized. On one hand because in most instances the design is not only an art but also represents the authors themselves, on the other hand Chensheng respects all the creators and would also highly protects all the creatorwn works.

The following design formats are acceptable to Chensheng:

Production details confirmation: Before starting the production there are many manufacturing details that require to be confirmed and ensured, for instance the most basic info like the card’s size, raw material, surface treatment, technique finish, package and packing specifications etc.

*Card’s Size: The following list is the most common and standard size & round corner.

Playing CardsTarot CardsGame CardsLearning Cards
63*88mm R370*120mm R3/R463.5*88.9mm R3/R480*120mm R3
57*87mm R370*121mm R363.5*89mm R370*101mm R4.5

Chensheng provides all kinds of different die-cutting mould size, sometimes even though without some special shapes mould Chensheng will also make the custom cutting mould to meet your requirements.

There is no doubt that size is the most critical first step, a lot of creators will take more time to design the original size and pay high attention to the overall completion effect.

*Raw Material Options: The paperstock choice is also a crucial point in the customizing manufacture.

As we all know that different raw material has various featured effects like the thickness, after-printing performances, flexibility, duration and curl degree, cost etc.

*Surface Treatment: When it comes to the surface finish of the cards and box, lots creators are willing to order some samples for their main reference. Because it’s hard to see and feel the cards surface finish from pictures or videos, moreover the surface treatment is highly impacts cards overall effect and touching feelings.

It’s much better to see and feel it with your own eyes and it could help you to make a better decision.

*Technique Production & Package Types: For the workmanship about the printing manufacture the most popular techniques are the gold foil / silver foil. This type of production technique has attractive and fantastic making outcome.

As for the package, Chensheng supports many types of package options. Different products have diverse packing methods for example the playing cards are suitable for the tuck box; the tarot cards are suitable for the double plug box or the top and bottom box, and the TCG game cards are suitable for the booster pack & booster box etc.

Finally a very important thing is that Chensheng have to be clear about the packing specs on each set / deck. It is just like how many cards in one set? How to pack the character cards or the game cards on each booster pack etc? Chensheng is going well and smooth after getting these details from creators.

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