This Is How Easy To Customized Card Game


Customizing game cards is a professional and exquisite production technique in the Printing Industry. Game Cards are an entertaining and recreational playing method, it plays an important role in improving mental health and bringing happiness to people.

However, all the game cards are determined by the following points the raw material, design patterns, and most essentially the original design contents and the surface treatment of game cards. Chensheng not only offers excellent printing services but also the most professional after-sales services during bulk production.

Before Customization Production

Receiving the client’s original design is crucial, we need to figure out and sort out the design contents that could have a closer understanding and comprehension thus it’s helpful and has a good effect when proceeding with the production process.

*Such as Card Deck Quantity: How many cards are in one deck/set?

*Cardstock Material: The customized raw material.

*Card Size: The customized size.

*Card Finish: Different surface treatment of cards.

*Package Options: Depends on the specific requirement, like the Tuck Box or Lid and Bottom Box.

Chensheng has professional designers who edit the design to fit the printing patterns, when getting the original design we need to see if the design is suitable for CTP making, if not Chensheng would help to adjust and modify the design according to the client’s requirement.

Attaching the files form accepted of Chensheng and custom design tips:

During Customization Production

The printing color has always been valued by customers, thus adjusting the printing color during production is vital. Chensheng’s employees are highly focused on the printing process when proceeding with the printing production, generally, the card is printed two-sided CMYK Printing. The finished color not only largely impacts the overall card effect but also the client’s marketing strategies.

Normally some customers will make a sample as the main printing color sample before the bulk production, then we could operate the printing based on the color sample.

Then is the technique after the printing process, the die cut and round corner. Both of them need to operate the machine first, cause different card sizes need to take time to adjust.

Chensheng has 100% QC inspection during production, generally speaking, Chensheng has professional machines and technical workers that would always take prompt action!  

After Customization Production

In completing all the workmanship later, they need to finish the last step: package. Chensheng’s normal package is shrinkwrap, the cards are packed into the box (according to customers’ requirement) and then shrinkwrap the box. Chensheng has a professional shrinkwrap machine to protect the box avoiding damage. (Attaching the shrinkwrap machine)

The final package step is also a significant point, it highly affects customer satisfaction and the first time of seeing and using. Sometimes a lot of clients attach importance to the package because, for this type of product, the packing appearance is crucial, even the package may become a hot selling point and attract lots of new customers or players in this line.

All of these services and caring points would be provided well by Chensheng.

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