The Ultimate Guide To Customizing Game Cards: Unleash Your Creativity


When it comes to Custom Game Cards many creators pay attention to the overall printing effect and quality. However many factors highly affect the production and process, moreover, they also need to consider whether the manufacturers can provide & support the services they want during the whole production process.

About the game cards, it mainly depends on contents and influence; because the players need to use their skill and strategy to play & go the sequential card games. An excellent creator could have the ability to create and think about different types of game cards.

Dongguan Chensheng Printing Co., Ltd. As one of the most professional manufacturers in China Guangdong Province is equipped to produce and make all kinds of different game cards just to meet your needs and reach the effects you want.

One of the most crucial influential matters – Raw Material

Needless to say, Material Options not only impact the printing quality effect but has a lot on the cost. Different raw materials have different featured effects like the thickness, after-printing performances, flexibility, duration, curl degree, etc.

During making the game cards, the most common and popular paper material is Art Paper which is a very cost-effective and medium-quality paperstock.

Most importantly, Chensheng provides custom design samples and existing free-sample services for better material reference thus it’s better and more efficient to see and feel the paper materials in person.

The most important production step – Printing

Chensheng has full details about the printing patterns and process which are highly ensure and protect the safe production quality and copyright.

Moreover, Chensheng has a specifically intact production guarantee for the whole printing process.

Like the skillful and experienced staff – Professional 100% QC Inspection – Pay high attention to the package – Reliable after-sales services etc.

A very vital and attractive factor – Package

Normally the most common package options for the game cards package are the tuck box or the hardcover box ( like the Top and Bottom box, Drawer box )

There are many box types are also available by Chensheng once creators have their original designs. All the staff of Chensheng will always keep an eye on and follow up with your project and details carefully in real time.

Dongguan Chensheng has made lots of different packages of content for many creators, in the perspective of Chensheng all the contents of the cards, box, and other components are good-looking and fantastic!

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