The Premium Finishings of Tarot Cards

There are many finishes in making tarot cards, all of which will make tarot cards look more pretty and funnier when playing. The most common and popular finishings are the gold foil and gold edge, which are many clients’ business people’ssinessmen’ selling points.

However, the gold foil technique includes a few different aspects. Like hot stamp foil, cold stamp foil, print gold foil, etc.

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Hot stamp foil

Briefly speaking, hot stamp foil is a technique that adds metallic or colored foil material to the card’s surface. And during the production process, we need to make the gold plate first to proceed with the production details. By heating the metallic material, attach them to the paper card’s surface or another material surface to show the metallic texture. When we touch, we can feel a bit of bumpiness.  Finally, this technique effect is attractive and good-looking, and considering the cost and consuming time, this technique is high-end and complex; thus, the result is excellent.

Cold stamp foil

Cold stamp foil is faster than hot stamp foil because the printing machine does the cold foil. We need to edit the printing proof and then choose a gold color; there also be silver/ rainbow and other types. The production process is high-cost and intricate. When the cards are printed, the worker will use the metallic material and then print the cards together. During production, it needs to operate more accurately and carefully. The final result and effect are more eye-catching and brilliant! We will not feel any bumps with the cold foil as they will be flat on the surface.

Print gold foil

Print gold foil is a technique that uses a Pantone color (golden color) print in the card’s material. The final effect will not be shiny and bright. This method is cheaper and faster than the above techniques.

Gilded edge

Gold edge is a technique that adds metallic or colored material to the card’s edge. The worker must pay attention to the glue and material usage when using this technique.

Usually, the gold edge contains bright gold and matte gold; different gold has different effects. It depends on the client’s choice; the manufacturer handles them accordingly.

The final effect is excellent and fascinating. But please note that the size will be smaller after the gilded edges!

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