The Main Difference of Digital Printing and Offset Printing

Introduction: When it comes to making samples numerous creators prefer to custom sample to test the performance and inspect quality before producing the bulk production.

However, Dongguan Chensheng Printing Co., Ltd. is willing to provide customized samples to the clients because the sample not only could give creators an important reference but also modify or change the design details after checking samples to make the product more perfect and satisfying.

Chensheng has 2 types of customizing sample methods – Digital Printing & Offset Printing.

And lots of creators would think what’s the difference between them? Is it the same quality as the mass production etc? Okay, let’s see the main difference!

Different Printing Machine

The digital printing machine is different from the offset machine. Generally speaking, the digital printing machine is small and the printing functions are not as complete as the offset printing.

Needless to say, offset printing is the printer for making mass production, the printing functions & specs are the best and most detailed.

Printing Color

Because they’re two different printing machines thus the final printing color is different. Moreover in consideration of the difference in the oil usage, printing state, machine operations, modification, etc.

The offset printing machine could be modified and adjusted during the printing production, but the digital printing can’t be adjusted and changed during the printing ( When the worker puts the raw material into the printing machine, the finally printing uncut sheet is finished )

Die-cutting Technique

Because the digital printing sample is not like the offset printing (Mass Production), in consideration of the quantity and features the sample die-cutting could be only done on the Paper-cutting machine.

But the bulk production is going on the professional machines ( the die-cutting machine)

So the completion effect is a little different between them.

Box Making and Completion

The box die-cutting and gluing techniques such as the tuck box and the Top and Bottom box are made by the die-cutting machine and manually, they are not like the bulk production box would through the specialized producing machine.

So it’s common and acceptable for some differences.

Q: But when making the sampling process why Digital Printing is more common and more popular than Offset Printing?

OK let’s see the following:


*Cheap cost: The price of digital printing is cheaper than Offset Printing and the complete time is faster than Offset printing.


*Finishing details: Since the digital printing sample does not have all of the completion steps go through the professional machines thus the effect and outcome are not perfect like the Offset Printing.

But except for some finishing details and making, the raw material and paper effects are the same as the bulk production. We believe that you would have feedback and alterations after checking the sample, then make your products more perfect & good-looking!

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