The Detailed Exhibition Project of ChenSheng

Introduction: ChenSheng is honored to be invited to the Canton Fair Toy Fair in May 2024 year. China Import and Export Fair also known as the “Canton Fair” was founded in the spring of 1957 so far there are 60 history of many years, and it has the longest history in China. ChenSheng is a professional manufacturer of customizing all kinds of cards in Dongguan Guangdong Province, and Chen Sheng is excited to announce that ChenSheng will make the full preparation for the exhibition of the creativity and products!

Booth Location and Start Time: ChenSheng is located in Booth D34, Hall 18 No.1 Toy Stand Guangzhou Guangdong province. The Exhibition Time will be held from May 1st to May 5th, 2024, for a total of five days. ChenSheng is playing a vital role in sharing manufacturing ideas and providing a harmonious circumstance for the visitors. Moreover, ChenSheng contributes to offering the best help and services for great creators.

High-end Cards Customization: ChenSheng has always dedicated to the printing manufacturing industry for more than many years. At the Canton Fair ChenSheng is going to demonstrate our latest customized cards like the TCG Game Cards, Playing Cards Tarot Cards, etc.

From the CTP Design to the most advanced raw material printing effect, printing quality, and workmanship outcome, visitors can expect to witness future further up-to-date various designing card customization.

Special Sample and Exhibition: ChenSheng is very glad to show all kinds of card samples for visitor’s reference. We’re committed to showing all kinds of raw material printing color consequences, all kinds of technique type effectiveness, etc.

Visitors to Booth D34 will have comfortable communication with the professional and patient staff of ChenSheng, and all the attendees will have a closer comprehension of their works and arts. ChenSheng aims to provide a cozy and comprehensive environment for the craftsmanship and innovation behind some creators’ designs.

Interactive and Communication Talking: ChenSheng is very willing to talk something about the customization with visitors, moreover have a deeper connection with them, and participate in the printing process about the customization manufacture.

Understanding and exploring the customization & printing production, getting higher insights into this industry, providing the best services and help, and establishing a collaborative relationship are our main purposes.

ChenSheng warmly welcomes the coming of all the customizing card enthusiasts and creators from different countries. For those who are deeply passionate about the world of customizing all kinds of cards, Booth D34 Hall 18 No.1 is a great destination that definitely can’t be missed.

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