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Are you ready to take your tarot readings to a whole new level? Do you want to add a personal touch to make your lessons unique? If so, then it’s time to consider custom-printed tarot cards! In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using custom-printed cards, how to create your designs, and where to find reliable printing services. Let’s dive in and elevate your tarot game!

Why Choose Custom Printed Tarot Cards?

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Tarot cards have been used for centuries for self-reflection, divination, and personal growth. Each card holds its symbolism and meaning, allowing the reader to tap into their intuition and connect with universal energies. Custom-printed tarot cards can infuse your personality, style, and intentions into your readings. Here’s why choosing custom-printed tarot cards can elevate your practice:

1. Reflect Your Unique Style

Tarot reading is an art form; just like any other art, it expresses your individuality. When you use custom-printed tarot cards, you can design your deck in a way that resonates with your style, whether it’s whimsical, minimalist, or bold. The cards become an extension of yourself, allowing you to connect with the tarot on a deeper level.

2. Enhance Your Intuition

As a tarot reader, your intuition is a crucial tool. Custom-printed tarot cards can enhance your intuitive abilities by creating a strong visual connection between the cards and your subconscious mind. When you design your cards, you can choose images, colors, and symbols that speak directly to you, making it easier to tap into your intuition and receive accurate insights.

3. Add Personal Intentions

Setting intentions is a powerful practice in manifesting your desires. With custom-printed tarot cards, you can add personal intentions to each card. For example, you can write affirmations, blessings, or specific goals on the cards. This allows you to align your readings with your intentions, making them more powerful and meaningful.

4. Stand Out in the Community

In the world of tarot reading, there are countless decks available. While traditional decks have their charm, having a custom-printed deck sets you apart from the crowd. Whether offering professional readings or sharing your practice with friends and loved ones, a unique deck will captivate your audience and evoke curiosity and interest.

Creating Your Own Custom Designs

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Now that you understand the benefits of using custom-printed tarot cards let’s explore how to create your designs. Don’t worry if you’re not an artist or designer – plenty of tools and resources are available to help you bring your visions to life.

1. Choose a Theme or Concept

Consider the theme or concept you want to portray through your deck. It can be based on a personal interest, a specific culture, nature, or any other theme that resonates with you. This will give your deck a cohesive and meaningful structure.

2. Select Symbolic Images and Colors

Symbols and colors play a significant role in tarot readings. Research the meanings behind different logos and colors and select ones that align with your chosen theme and the implications associated with each card. For example, if you’re focusing on love and relationships, you might select hearts, roses, and soft pastel hues.

3. Typography and Layout

The typography and layout of your cards are essential for readability and aesthetics. Choose fonts that are easy to read and reflect the overall style of your deck. Experiment with different layouts to find one that flows well and allows the imagery to shine through.

4. Seek Professional Help, If Needed

If you’re not confident in your design skills, don’t worry – there are professionals who specialize in creating custom tarot card designs. Seek out graphic designers or illustrators who have experience in this field. Collaborating with an expert can bring your vision to life and ensure a polished and professional deck.

Finding Reliable Printing Services


Once you’ve created your custom designs, it’s time to bring them to life through printing. Finding a reliable printing service is crucial to ensure the quality and longevity of your tarot cards. Here are a few tips to help you choose the exemplary printing service:

1. Research Printing Companies

Take the time to research different printing companies that offer custom printing for playing cards. Read reviews, compare prices, and look at samples of their previous work. This will give you an idea of their reputation and the quality of their products.

2. Check Materials and Finishing Options

Pay attention to the materials and finishing options the printing service offers. Tarot cards should be durable, resistant to wear and tear, and have a professional finish. Look for options like high-quality card stock, matte or glossy finishes, and edge coating to protect the cards.

3. Request a Sample Print

Before committing to a large print run, request a sample print from the printing service. This will allow you to assess the quality and make any necessary adjustments to your design before proceeding with a full order.

4. Consider Sustainability

If sustainability is important to you, look for printing services that offer eco-friendly options. Many companies now use recycled materials and environmentally-friendly printing processes, ensuring that your tarot cards align with your values.


Custom-printed tarot cards offer an exciting opportunity to elevate your game and create a more personal and meaningful experience for yourself and those you read for. Your readings will become even more powerful and captivating by reflecting on your unique style, enhancing your intuition, adding personal intentions, and standing out in the community.

Creating your custom designs allows you to infuse your personality and intentions into the deck. Whether you’re an artist or not, you can bring your visions to life by choosing a theme, selecting symbolic images and colors, and considering typography and layout. Professional designers are ready to help you manifest your tarot dreams if you need assistance.

Finding a reliable printing service is the final step in bringing your designs to life. Research different printing companies, check materials and finishing options, and request a sample print to ensure the quality meets your expectations. And remember, sustainability is always a worthy consideration when choosing a printing service.

Now it’s time to unleash your creativity, design your custom tarot cards, and embark on a new and personalized tarot reading journey. Let your intuition guide you as you dive into the magic of custom-printed tarot cards!

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