How To Made Casino Playing Cards?


With the development of customizing Casino Playing Cards, it’s gradually becoming the leading product in the printing industry. More and more overseas Casino entertainment venues are taking part in customizing Casino Playing Cards in China.

It not only drives the development of entertainment worldwide but also promotes the trade process of the Printing Industry. Thus Custom Casino Playing Cards play a crucial role in this line, and more and more customers are attaching importance to custom and making their own Casino Playing Cards.

On the one hand, the casinos are classified into open casinos and private casinos, no matter what type the casino it is, privacy and copyright are essential; on the other hand, each casino will have a professional shuffler thus the overall quality and hand-felling of Casino Playing Cards is important.


Dongguan Chensheng Printing Co., Ltd. highly focuses on providing the best-customized printing services to customers. Especially for the Casino Playing Cards customization, the copyright, and privacy are protected well in Chensheng.

Chensheng needs to receive the original design of cards and boxes (or something else) from customers well then go to the next steps smoothly.

All the steps and operation requires paying attention carefully and getting confirmation from customers.


 Normally the Casino Playing Cards customization fits the international standards and details, sure different casino customers have various requirements. The general details are the following:

About the Cards:    About the Box:
*Specs: 54 cards/deck OR 52 cards/deck    *Specs: 1 deck/set OR 12 decks/set
*Size: 63*88mm OR 57*89mm  *Size: Fit 54 cards OR 52 cards
*Cardstock: 310g German Black Core paper*Material: 300gsm C1S art paper
*Printing: CMYK two-side printing   *Printing: CMYK one-side printing
*Finish: Glossy/Matte varnish     *Package: Tuck Box



All the workmanship or technique during the production goes step by step, however, it involves many details and points. All the raw materials used in the Casino Playing Cards are high quality and well known, which shows that all the casino customers are highly attached importance to the quality and outcome.

Surface Treatment (Varnish)

 Chensheng is quite careful when going with the varnish during the Playing Cards printing. The Oil Material Chensheng uses is high-quality and lasting. Different oil has different effect after finishing the varnish effect.

Sometimes, some customers have the specific requirement of going the second varnish technique and Chensheng has an exquisite varnish machine that helps to finish the second varnish process. Chensheng knows that going the second surface treatment of Casino Playing

Cards are to ensure the cards are smooth and have enough hand-feeling when using them.

After-work Technique (The die cutting and round corner)

 When it comes to the die cutting and round corner technique lots of customers are worried about this issue, causing the cards to need to guarantee a smooth edge which can not affect the hand feeling and the overall effect.

However, Chensheng has a professional automatic round corner machine, which combines die-cutting and round corner technique. And once they finish the operation of the machine, the final card product is complete.

Chensheng will check the machine’s function and operation from time to time, they would highly ensure the operation quality and playing cards’ overall finish.

Complete inspection AND Packing

When the Casino Playing Cards are finished in the production process, they need the final next steps: inspection and packaging.

Chensheng has a professional quality inspection department for casino playing card production. They’ll check the quantity of each deck and card quality carefully, for the casino playing cards it’s easy to lose or lack of cards that’s why Chensheng has the complete inspection.

Finally, after finishing the checking, they need to begin the packing process. Generally, the cards are packed into the box and then shrinkwrap the box; however, some customers have specific requirements like shrinkwraping the cards and then putting them into the box shrinkwrap the box then.

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