How to Customize Tarot Cards

Introduction: Nowadays how to customize tarot cards already become a very hot spot. With the development of the economy and civilization of global countries, customized printing services are more and more attractive and highly demanded.

Customizing Tarot Cards, which play an important role in France, Spain, Italy, and Romania, etc these counties.

This article fully explains the process and details of Chensheng and how to customize your tarot cards to ensure the quality and reach the effect you want.

Original design files: As we mentioned previously receiving the original designs from the customer is the first key step. Because we need to ensure the customer’s design files are out of the question then the design department of Chensheng edits and adjusts more smoothly.

Many design file formats are accepted by Chensheng, but we sorted out the most common forms.

We believe that there are lots of customers who are interested in MOQ and Lead Time of Chensheng, so the following is the detailed info:

*MOQ: 500-1000 sets.

*Lead time: 20-25 working days after customers confirm the CTP design files.

Custom Details: There is no doubt that Chensheng needs to get all the customized content from customers so we can know their specific requirements for products.

Custom size & raw material: The most common size of Tarot Cards is 70*120mm R3/R4, but some customers have different and special demands.

The most common raw material for Tarot Cards is 350gsm art paper, but some high-standard customers will choose another raw material like the Imported raw material. The raw material is one of the important factors that highly influence the overall printing effect and hand-feeling.

Custom finish: The surface treatment of cards and boxes also is a crucial part of the complete product. Different surface treatments produce different final effects like the glossy is brighter than the matte finish.

Normally the cards make the varnish and the box is making the lamination.

However, some customers may prefer the effect of the lamination, no matter what type of requirement of customer is Chensheng would always pay 100% effort to satisfy them well.

 Custom package: The most common package of the Tarot Cards are a double plug tuck box, top and bottom box, book type magnet box drawer box, etc.

The main difference between them is the raw material and workmanship, moreover, the complete time and production effect also is a key point.

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