How to Custom Your Learning Cards


No doubt customizing your Learning Cards already become a scorching trend. Learning Cards are beneficial to children all over the world, moreover, they could improve children’s ability to learn and read, drive their mental health, and facilitate their interaction with parents, etc. That’s why lots of educational companies, individual studios, and publishing houses would going to print all kinds of Learning Cards for children.

Chensheng has been a manufacturer of customizing all kinds of Learning Cards such as Figure Learning Cards, Word Learning Cards, Character Learning Cards, Number Learning Cards, and so on for many years. Chensheng owns the most flexible custom options and professional production team, exquisite production operating equipment, 100% QC inspection during production, safe shipment reliable after-sales services, etc.

Custom Process

Before customers place the order, there are many preliminary works required to be confirmed and handled. Chensheng has skillful and patient salespersons who will guide customers to produce their Learning Cards.

1. Chensheng needs to confirm with the customer if they have their design files which include the cards and box. (According to the specific product that customers demand) Then Chensheng has to receive all the specific details like the Size, Raw Material, Surface Finish, Package, Technique, etc.

2. Then based on the customer’s production details, Chensheng will send some relevant info like the lead time, production updates, and details.

3. Chensheng will arrange the production after receiving the order from customers, but before the printing, there are some necessary works that Chensheng needs to solve like the CTP design making, raw material preparation production schedule confirmation, etc.

4. During the whole production, the staff would focus on sharing all the updates with customers, and some customers will be required to confirm some details like the printing, some workmanship effects and package, etc, no matter what it is Chensheng would follow up seriously.

5. When the whole production is finished Chensheng will contact customers in time and arrange further updates like arrange the shipment. Chensheng will also help customers to solve the shipment issue responsibly.

(Attaching some popular Learning Cards that Chensheng has made.)

Raw Material Choice

It is well known that making Learning Cards the raw material plays a vital role. To meet the customer’s needs and reach the final production effect they want, Chensheng provides many raw material options.

280g Chinese Greycore Paper is the cheapest paper and is used in making spelling Learning Cards.

300g/350g/400ggsm Art Paper is the most common and popular raw material for making Learning Cards, this material is suitable for making words Learning Cards perfectly.

280g/300g Chinese Blue Core Paper raw material also is perfect for making Learning Cards, this kind of raw material always keeps a good hand-feeling, amazing performance, and high quality.

100% New Plastic is one of the best raw materials, this type of material has a very high-end performance and extraordinary quality, the performance like water-proof, durable, and flexible.

310g/330g German Black Core Paper is the best raw material for cards in the world. This material is suitable for all kinds of Learning Cards, furthermore this material with high-end & high-quality performance.     

Surface Finish

As for customizing the Learning Cards, the technique of surface treatment also is a caring and important point. There are many customers who would choose the lamination technique, but there are also many customers who would use the varnish to the cards.


This is one of the surface finish workmanship for producing Learning Cards. There are matte lamination and glossy lamination, the making method of this technique is laminating the films to the printing uncut sheets cards. Normally the glossy lamination is brighter than the matte lamination, however, this requires to depends on the customer’s preference for this.


This is also one of the surface finish techniques for making Learning Cards. There are glossy varnish, semi-glossy varnish, and matte varnish these options. This method is going the varnish workmanship when printing the cards. However, the specific varnish options need to be confirmed by customers before the printing production.

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