How to Custom Made Board Game

Introduction: Nowadays customizing board games gradually becoming more and more common and popular in the world. Board games could bring joy and happiness to children’s adult groups, they could also promote mental health and strengthen mental fitness, especially for children. Playing board game is an effective and popular recreational method for friend or family to reunite thus custom Board Games are an important part of the printing industry and it drives lots of regions’ economy.

However, customizing board games requires more attention and focus; because board games are composed of a lot of accessories. It contains the gameboard, cards, tokens, booklet, dice, spinner, miniatures, boxes, etc.

Custom Process: As mentioned before making a board game needs more focus during the whole production process to ensure the final product’s quality and overall effect, Chensheng has professional foreign trade salespersons that could help customers handle and solve their questions or requirements during the pre-production and productions.

Before customers confirm the order, Chensheng needs to figure out all the requirement details from clients then help them to sort out the information and make the correct choices.

Such as the specs and package, all the details of each component, etc. Like the raw material of cards, gameboard, box all the components and specifications, the finish type, technique requirement, and so on.

Gameboad: This is definitely customized and detailed, it requires the size info folding details, and finish treatment, normally some customers would choose the linen finish or lamination. However, there are two sizes of it: the folded size and unfolded size; and the times of folding. The most common folding times are 4 times folding or 2 times folding, sure different clients have different demands. So based on the specialized working experience of Chensheng in this industry, the following are the most common specs from the majority of customers.

*Raw material: 157gsm art paper+2mm greyboard / 1.5mm greyboard

*Size: Customized size

*Printing: 4/4C OR 4/1C

*Finish: Varnish or lamination

*Technique: Linen, die cut, 4 /6 / 8 folding and packing

Tips: Customizing the board game takes longer time than other types of game card products, so Chensheng requires more careful and concentration when receiving and checking all the original designs from customers.

During Custom Production: After finishing the design checking, Chensheng will go to the CTP designs edition and make it. They may meet some issues like lacking the bleeding or without the templates etc from the original designs, however, these won’t affect the overall progress and outcome. The CTP design confirmation from customers is extremely crucial for Chensheng, thus the whole process of designing CTP needs more focused and careful.

Once Chensheng gets the confirmation of CTP, they need to publish the platemakings, prepare the raw material, and other components, or outsource.

Chensheng has a responsible and professional production team that handles production problems and completes the goods

Board Game Packing: After finishing all the goods now comes the important step: package.

There are many components that need to be packed, but they’re easily lost and ignored that’s why they’re vital and critical.

Generally speaking, the most frequent box package is the top-bottom box, the packing staff of Chensheng will check all the components carefully and complete the goods packing then the box would be shrinkwrapped well to avoid damage or leakage. All the boxes are packed into tough cartons for the final package to finish well.

Shipment: Chensheng needs to arrange the shipment of the goods when the production is finished.

Some customers have their own forwarder agent but some do not, no matter whether the customers have their own agent or not Chensheng always prepare safe and reliable shipment for all customers. There are many credible and professional logistics companies that cooperate with Chensheng, thus Chensheng is always dedicated to finding an efficient and dependable shipping method for the product’s safe and fast delivery.

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