How To Choose Printing Services Provided


Regarding the Why Choose Printing services provided by Chensheng, we highly believe that all the customers from Chensheng are satisfied and approve of them.

As with all the services and strengths provided by Chensheng that were mentioned before, Chensheng not only has the most exquisite production machines but also a patient and professional staff who talk with different customers. When the customer is ready to place the order, all the preliminary work is crucial moreover 90% orders of from Chensheng are online, even though it is a small sample order. So the conclusion is that if you want customers to feel comfortable and assured to place an order with you, you have to let them know that your company and all staff are professional and trustworthy.

Chensheng has an integrated quality control system which extremely guarantees quality and effect. The machine function is important but the operation is more vital, plus Chensheng will train the workers every week to ensure their skills and communication.

You might think there are so many other good suppliers, why do we choose Chensheng as the supplier?

So based on the feedback & reviews of customers and the rich working experience from Chensheng, we summarized the following powerful points:

*All the working staff are skilled and experienced, and Chensheng can prepare the preliminary work well.

*During the whole production Chensheng has 100% QC inspection, it’s highly ensures the quality.

*Strong and reliable packing and carton cases package.

*Professional and dependable after-sales services are provided. Chensheng pays much attention to the customer’s reviews and satisfaction thus after-sales services are indispensable.

Customization service: Chensheng mainly offers customizing printing services, which means that Chensheng is dedicated to producing high-quality goods based on their customer’s design contents and helping customers to achieve their ideal thoughts & ideas.

All the specs and product details are the customization, the raw material, size, surface finish, package, etc.

Custom size and printing color:

Custom box, raw material, and the original design files accepted by Chensheng:

Custom cards surface finishing and box:

All the production details requirements are decided by the customer and Chensheng is willing to serve them with comfort and satisfaction services!

Safe shipment service: Sometimes some customers need us to arrange the shipment.

Chensheng believes that transportation is an important part of the working relationship, and we also would be responsible for preparing the logistics transportation well.

There are so many reliable and professional logistics companies cooperating with Chensheng, shipping safety like ensuring the intact package, goods safety and without any effect, etc.

All the services provided by Chensheng are reliable and reassuring. You may not believe our side of the story but we can tell from customers their reviews and satisfaction Chensheng is trustworthy.

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