How To Choose Customized TCG Game Cards Manufacture


  Unquestionably the representative of the Trading Card Games is POKEMON, moreover, as time goes by and develops more and more TCG Game Cards are rising and becoming popular. Thus customizing and producing all kinds of different TCG Game Cards has become a tendency already.

Dongguan Chensheng has cooperated with many famous and known TCG Game Cards companies, their products are of great quality and randomization.

In making TCG Game Cards the most important key points are the raw material and size choice, technique, packing and package method, etc.

As for the TCG Game Cards clients, normally they’re thoughtful and have a high insight. Because producing TCG Game Cards is time-consuming and has high standards, they not only have a serious standard but also have huge player groups thus all the details in the production process have to be careful and mindful.


 There are many of workmanship in making TCG Game Cards, however, the holographic effect and hot stamp foil are the most common options. Certainly, different clients have their own choices and ideas, but no matter what it is Dongguan Chensheng would do it according to the client’s requirements responsibly.

Holographic effect

Dongguan Chensheng makes TCG Game Cards the most common effect is the rainbow effect, different Holo effects highly affect the game cards finally overall visual outcome.

In general, we need to prepare the holo raw material first then use the lamination machine to laminate the raw material and paper stock, and finally, the holographic material is finished.

TCG material

Hot stamp

This technique is that by adding the metallic or colored material to the card’s surface, we have to check the gold foil CTP design is good then make the hot stamp foil plate. Because when proceeding with this technique we have to be careful and keep an eye on the final effect.

By heating the metallic material then attach them to the paper card’s surface or other material

surface to show the metallic texture. When we touch, we can feel a bit of bumpiness, the final effect is good and brilliant! 

We have different types of holographic effect material and hot stamp overall effect, please kindly see the attachment.


 The package also plays an essential role in the TCG Game Cards, sometimes it even decides if the sales and popularity are well. So there are plenty of customers who are cautious and torn when designing the package.

As a rule, the package includes the booster pack and booster box. They’re indispensable in the TCG Game Cards, which gives the players a good sense of experience and pleasure. That’s the reason why they let the creators and designers be too thoughtful and meditative.

Booster pack

When it comes to producing the foil bag, Chensheng has different thicknesses like 0.04~0.09mm. Normally lots of clients choose to put 5-7 cards/bag, thus they prefer to pick 0.06mm thickness. The different thicknesses also need to be paid attention, to because the thickness affects the touch hands feeling and sense of tearing.

When packing the cards packing, the packing sequence is crucial. Some clients prefer randomization, some may need to follow their own rules. However, Chensheng has the cards randomly packing machine, the workers operate the machine and then pack the cards according to the customer’s final want.

With the operation of the machine, we could highly prevent the cards repetition and confusion, moreover could also save time and labor costs.

Booster box

-Booster box: Also called display box, normally is made of 350gsm/400gsm C1S art paper. In a manner of speaking, all the booster boxes of TCG Game Cards are unique and good-looking. Because all the design is special and has its own features.

Originally there were 12, 24, or 36 packs in a booster box, but different clients have different requirements and thoughts.

Chensheng usually makes a white sample to check the specific size of the box before printing the booster box, thus avoiding some unnecessary waste and cost. Or make a sample to let customers see the overall effect and check the design contents in advance.

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