How Can You Get A Good Feeling Of Cardistry?

A good feeling of cardistry may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you have superior shuffling skills or you’re not quite sure how to handle a deck of cards, Chensheng specializes in producing customizing cardistry services. Follow your personal preference, you can get any print you want. How can you get a good feeling of cardistry?

What is Cardistry?

The use of hands to create cuts, displays, fans, patterns, and sequences through the use of playing cards. The intent is to create a captivating motion and beautiful display. Chensheng provides new raw materials. The effects are limited only by the types of cards used,

Cardistry is a well-known term specifically among those in the playing card universe. It is typically defined as “the performance art of card flourishing”. This non-magic shuffling technique allows for cardists to manipulate their deck of playing cards in a visually appealing manner. Cardistry got its name by combining the words “card” and “artistry”. And while the name may be simple, this craftsmanship can be difficult to execute. One of Chensheng’s clients creates decks for cardistry. Their love for adding more special techniques in the box will attract customers’ attention.


Test of shuffling in inspector. Any production has lost, in order to improve product quality and better experience, the quality control team of Chenshng has a good way to test and verify cards in cardistry. Desire for a good feeling of shuffling, Chensheng has experience in this field. Providing high-quality paper stock with a cushion finish. Quality inspectors in Chensheng are well advanced. They will check the poor ink of printing through shuffling.

Steady Material

Many creators hesitate to choose the material. Especially in black core (310g card stock and 305g card stock). Both are suitable for high-quality poker, but everybody has different feelings, 310g card stock will be a bit hardened and thicker than 305g card stock. It has different effects in the field. In cardistry, 305g black core paper will be perfect. Shuffling smoothly, to meet the needs of different cardistry creators, Chensheng has professional poker oil and machine.

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