How Can We Do About Custom Make Flash Cards?

Flash cards aren’t just great tools for educators, they’re also great work training or sales tools. In Chensheng, you can create flash cards with various specialty options and card stock choices to fit almost any budget.

As working professionals in China, we are normally very involved in our work and daily chores and have little time for our little ones, hence neglecting their early development. Chensheng provides a comprehensive list of flashcards for stimulating your children’s brains for you. You can now bring joy to your child and educate him/her in a fun and loving way just like what we had done for our kids. You no longer need to waste your precious time surfing various websites or buying expensive software for your children’s early development.

Everyone has different ways of teaching. When you are making your flash cards, you can create the ideal learning experience for any topic or subject matter. For different age grades, the Chensheng printer has no limits with design, colors, or content. Enhance your ability to customize flash cards by adding flash card accessories, such as booklets, instructions, or other related components. We make customized tuck and set-up boxes as well as an array of custom-sized packaging options.

  • Select your artwork, images, or photography

You need to search for different age- grades to confirm the theme of the designs. We can choose your desired card stock and finish

Choose your preferred card size and number of cards

Chensheng can share templates with you so that you can insert any design into it.

  • Print any design on all card backs and/or faces
  • Pick the custom packaging (lid-bottom box, two pieces rigid boxes, folded tuck boxes, etc.) that’s right for you

For any creative design, pls consult our customer service, they will answer your questions!

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