Nowadays, the development of video games is getting faster and faster, and our lives are at a fast pace of life. Recent research has shown that playing casual, light-hearted board games has some unexpected benefits for child development. These include:

· Playing board games can improve your grades.

· Board games can help children solve problems.

· Game nights are good for family bonding.

Childhood is carefree. People tend to like the games that they grew up with. It’s also important to consider the age of your children when determining what game to pick. Is it all about fun? Or are you trying to subtly insert some education into your gameplay? Here are popular board games for family night.


Probably the most iconic American board game of all time, Monopoly is a family-friendly, multiplayer classic dating back to 1903. The game’s lessons range from personal finance and social skills to managing risk and basic math. There is also (as those who lose like to point out) a bit of luck involved, especially when the cards are in play. Monopoly is a must for any family night.


Risk is a military war board game, a strategy game to rule more territory, this game is suitable for the age of 8 years old and above. Any younger and it might be too complicated.


The clue is a Logical reasoning game, find the answer and get clues through dice. Besides pleasing children, Match Shape Puzzle Games also enlarge children’s views and develops their power of observation, logic, and imagination.

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