Details of How to Custom Tarot Cards

Introduction: At present, how to custom tarot cards already become a very hot spot. With the development of economy and civilization from the global countries, the customized printing services is more and more attractive and highly-demanded.

For customizing Tarot Cards, which plays an vital part that comparing with all kinds of different type cards, especially in France, Spain, Italy and Romania etc these counties are very popular.

In this article is fully explain the process and details of Chensheng how to custom your own tarot cards to ensure the quality and reach the effect you want.

Original design files

As we mentioned previously receiving the original designs from customer is the first key step. Because we need to ensure the customer’s design files is out of question then the design department of Chensheng edit and adjust more smooth.

There are many design files formats that accepted by Chensheng, but we sorted out the most common forms.

Files Accepted by Chensheng

We believe that there are lots of customers who are interested in MOQ and Lead Time of Chensheng, so the following is the detailed info:

MOQ: 500-1000 sets.

Lead time: 20-25 working days after customers confirmed the CTP design files.

Payment: 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment.

Custom Details

There is no doubt that Chensheng need to get all the customized contents from customers we could know their specific requirements of products then.

1.Custom size: The most common size of Tarot Cards is 70*120mm R3/R4, but some customers have different and special demands.

2.Custom material: The most common raw material of Tarot Cards is 300-400gsm art paper, but some high-standard customers will choose another raw material like the Import raw material.

The raw material is one of the important factors that highly influence the overall printing effect and hand-feeling.

3.Custom finish: The surface treatment of cards and box also is a crucial part of the complete product. Different surface treatment is producing different final effect, like the glossy is brighter than the matte finish.

Normally the cards is making the varnish and the box is making the lamination. However some customers may prefer the effect of the lamination, no matter what type requirement of customers it is Chensheng would always pays 100% efforts to satisfy them well.

Custom card finish

Custom technique

For customizing Tarot Cards there are some a little bit complicated but popular workmanship like the Hot Stamp & Gilded Edge.

Generally speaking, the hot stamp we also call it as the gold foil which is adding the metallic or colored foil material to the card’s surface. And during the production process, we need to make the gold plate first to proceed the production details.

Card Edge Finishing

By heating the metallic material then printing them on the paper card’s surface or other material surface to show the metallic texture. Finally, this technique effect is attractive and good-looking, and in consideration of the cost and consuming time, this technique is high-end and complex thus the result is great.

The gilded edge we also call it as the gold edge which is adding the metallic or colored material to the card’s edge. When going this technique, the workers especially need pay attention to the usage of glue and material. Normally the gold edge contains bright gold and matte gold, different gold has different effects. It depends on the client’s specific choice then the manufacturer handle them accordingly. (But please we need to kindly note that the final size will be a little bit smaller than the actual size)

The final effect is absolutely excellent and fascinating!

Custom package

There are 3 most common packing during Tarot Cards, like the Double Plug Box, Top & Bottom Box, and Book-type magnetic Box.

Double Plug Box

Double Plug Box

Double Plug Box is the most easiest packing method, the raw material is 250g-350gsm C1S art paper.

Top & Bottom Box

Top & Bottom Box

Top & Bottom Box is one of the hardcover boxes, which requires high-quality raw material and time to produce them well. The most common raw material normal is 157gsm art paper+1200g grey board. This type box is lots customer’s choice.

Book-type magnetic Box

Double Plug Box

Book-type magnetic Box also is one of the hardcover boxes, which also need to take time and high-standard raw material to make. The most common is 157gsm art paper+2mm grey board raw material. This type box is complicated and takes longer time than the Top and bottom box but the finally complete goods is definitely fascinating and eyecatching.

Please kindly follow if you’d like to know more details from us!

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