Origin of poker

Has two meanings:

One refers to playing cards;

The second refers to a game played with cards, called a poker game.

Poker is a paper entertainment tool that is popular all over the world. Because of the different ways of playing, it is commonly known as Solitaire, Wanliu, Majiu, etc., with different titles. Its standard name poker is a transliteration of poker.

Regarding the origin of playing cards, a widely circulated theory is that when Chu and Han were fighting, Han Xin invented playing cards in order to alleviate the homesickness of the soldiers and increase entertainment activities in the military; the famous Dr. “In the 11th century, the invention of playing cards was attributed to the Chinese people. At that time, playing cards were also called “leaf play”, which was also the earliest prototype of ancient playing cards that could be verified in the world.

Later, Marco Polo brought this card game from China to the European continent, and it became popular all over the world. After the Chinese card game was introduced to Europe, it followed the form of the four suits of cards, but different countries have given different names and cultural meanings, and the number of cards is also Each is inconsistent.

But there is another version that says that poker is created by foreigners who emphasize cooperation, while Chinese people like to fight alone, so they made mahjong.

Early playing cards were probably introduced to Europe from Egypt at the end of the 14th century.
In the 15th century, the king was usually regarded as the highest card, and the ace was the lowest card. The current way of thinking of A as the largest and 2 as the smallest probably started after the French Revolution in the late eighteenth century.

“JOKER” was invented in the United States and then returned to Europe along with poker. The origin of playing cards is not completely certain, but it is generally believed that it evolved from the French Tarot….

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