Six characteristics and advantages of advertising playing cards in the commercial field

First: cost-effective
Compared with campus advertisements, playing card advertisements are not easy to be damaged. Many people choose to relax in their leisure time. As a necessary tool for entertainment, playing card advertisements are regularly placed, and playing card advertisements are easily accepted and permanent. Compared with the traditional four major media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio) advertisements and the much-loved outdoor advertisements, the cost performance of playing card advertisements is much higher.
Second: targeted
The advertising of playing cards is highly targeted. By sending playing cards to target users for free, the targeting of playing cards is extremely strong compared to traditional media. Traditional media are popularized and are not suitable for products with narrow consumer groups. Other communications that are not intended for the general public.
Third: There are many advertising spaces
There are 54 cards in a deck of cards, and each card is an advertising slot.
Fourth: strong research
Playing card advertisements are given to target users for free in exchange for the mobile phone number and contact information of the target customers. Through the collected phone numbers, a survey is conducted to evaluate the information transmission effect of playing card advertisements. It can also be based on the traffic of the website, that is, how many people are seeing the information on the poker advertisement, and come to the website through the guidance of this information.
Fifth: easy to accept
Compared with traditional advertisements and online advertisements, poker advertisements are easier to be accepted by the audience, and they are actively accepted, disseminating information in the process of audience entertainment, while traditional advertisements and online advertisements are not easy to be accepted, especially online advertisements, pop-up windows appearing , occupying larger advertisements on the page, floating advertisements, and advertisements that do not close the link, not only fail to achieve the desired information, but even cause the audience to resist.
Sixth: a large number of views
The biggest feature of poker advertising is high-frequency contact and zero-distance face. During the entertainment process, the information on the playing cards is continuously browsed, and the number of advertisement views increases continuously with the entertainment time. achieve the purpose of transmitting information.

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