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The board game industry has undergone a major shift in recent years. Independent developers have shaken up the market, gaining traction for their games through crowdfunding and social media platforms. Now more than ever, the options for game enthusiasts and designers are virtually limitless. Some of the most popular games today are indie tabletop games-something that certainly would not have been possible a decade ago.

More and more creative people are joining the ranks of independent game design and self-distribution, which makes us wonder: What’s next for board games? How likely will independent designers be supported in developing new games? One company surveyed more than 500 game enthusiasts to find out.

The results confirmed that while there are more games to choose from than ever before, consumers still want more. They wholeheartedly embrace the ever-growing number of indie games, and the truth is, they don’t have nearly enough. The future looks bright for indie game makers – perhaps even better than ever.

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How many board games does the average player own?

While the basic tools of today’s board games – cards, pieces, and game boards – may be roughly similar to elements of the classic game, many modern games are a far cry from Monopoly. Today’s gamers have also changed. While the average household may have had only a handful of games in decades past, you’re more likely to find dozens in the homes of today’s gamers. Most survey respondents (57%) own between 1 and 25 board and card games, while 22% own between 26 and 50. Next, 5.9% own between 76 and 100 games, while 4.2% own between 51 and 75 games. And an impressive 10.9% own more than 100!

How many games do board gamers buy each year?

If you’re worried gamers will fill up shelf space with all these games, don’t be. Despite already owning many games, collectors show no signs of stopping. In the past year, most gamers (41%) bought between five and ten new games or expansion packs. Less than a quarter (24%) purchased 11 or more, with 27% buying 30 or more! About 35% of respondents bought four or fewer.

How much are gamers willing to spend each year?

So, what do these numbers mean in terms of dollars spent on new games? Let’s take a look. In 2022, here’s how much respondents will spend on new games.

– 6% Spent less than $100

– 15% Spent $100-$199

– 19% Spent $200-$399

– 16% Spent $400-$599

– 21% Spent $600-$1,000

– 22% Spent more than $1,000

– 1% Not sure

As you can see, most consumers are willing to spend money on games they think they will enjoy.

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A bright future for board games

For today’s independent creators, the future is bright for success in the board game industry through indie games. The availability of resources – social media and crowdfunding channels, support communities, and affordable print services – can help developers form quality products and market them successfully. That said, gamers still expect developers to invest time and effort to earn support.

For many gamers, the fun of playing board and card games with friends, family, and other enthusiasts is priceless. They’re willing to pay for the experience, and often, if a game looks promising, they’ll even support it through crowdfunding. Players are more inclined to back a campaign if the gameplay is clearly explained, the campaign is compelling and well-written, and they have access to reward-level pricing. Developer responsiveness also plays a key role in the success of a campaign.

Game designers should know that there is an eager audience waiting for new board and card games. Moreover, these loyal people don’t just want to take advice from other players; they want to be the ones to tell their friends about the best new game on the market. They are actively exploring this up-and-coming game and are willing to offer their support to help make it happen, even in the initial stages.

If you are a board game or card game designer or are considering getting involved in this industry, don’t hesitate to move forward, game lovers will respond to your efforts. If you need a reliable board games manufacturer to assist in customization, welcome to contact Chensheng Printing, we can provide you with the best custom board games services.

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