Attendance Guide for Overseas Buyers of the 135th Canton Fair

The 135th Canton Fair is about to start next month.

It will be held in 3 phases.
We’re going to attend the phase 3 exhibition.

Please come to say hi when you’re in China.

Event: 135th Canton Fair
Location: Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China
Time: May 1st-5th
Booth: 18.1 D34

If it’s the first time you’re visiting China and you’re planning to join this event, I would like to give you a brief guidance.

The China Import and Export Fair, commonly referred to as Canton Fair, represents one of the grandest events on the global trade calendar. Since 1957 when its first edition took place in Guangzhou China, this biannual fair has expanded into an enormous platform for both imports and exports from across industries – featuring products from numerous sectors every spring and autumn respectively. Co-hosted by both Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China (PRC) as well as People’s Government of Guangdong Province; organizational efforts provided by China Foreign Trade Centre; every spring/autumn event hosted from Guangzhou by these entities with organizational efforts by China Foreign Trade Centre being responsible for planning efforts.

The exhibitors are from China and all over the world. Buyers including oversea buyers, China domestic buyers and purchasing agent/representative of foreign companies.

The fair is now 135th, and there will be held as 3 phases. You can find the categories below each phase will be exhibited.

You can download a specific attendance Guide from the official web which will list out the contact details.

And you can also find the registration site at airport and the Ferry Terminal.

Enter CantonFair and follow it on Social media, you will get up-to-date news about the event.

Come to say hi if possible, we’re here.

We will bring our classic samples on site and explain to you in person.

Swing by to drink and chat in our booth, we would like to introduce our factory and show you exquisite craftsmanship.

What kind of samples you’re keen to see first? Contact us or leave us a message, we’re looking forward to meeting you this May.

Finally, welcome to China.

Enjoy the journey and don’t miss out on the world famous tourist destination Canton Tower.

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