3 common types of card stock for custom Playing cards

If you play many cards, you’ve probably had access to many different sets of playing cards and can feel the different textures between them. This different texture can arise from various finishes and coating processes used to produce it. Another possibility is the type of card stock used in the playing cards themselves, especially when shuffling or card tricks. Different card stock made of playing cards will give you a very different feeling. This article will share the 3 common types of card stock used for custom playing cards.

1. S30 Blue core card stock

S30 Professional Standard Card Stock has a smooth surface and is the most standard cardstock on the market. Each card contains a blue core center to reduce the transparency of the card. These are very popular with game card designers and high-end corporate/wedding promotional purposes. Perfect for card printing and one of the very popular choices in playing cards.

Blue core card stock

2. Master Card Stock

Master card stock, also known as casino card stock, is made from high-quality card stock that is both strong (so the cards last longer even with frequent use) and thin (to help improve performance).

They also tend to have a “black” core, which is made of darker or more compressed material, making the card invisible.

Given these qualities, it is not surprising that these cards are preferred by casinos, professionals, magicians, and others with better handling and low friction surfaces. This card type is often referred to as the “Magic” or “Casino” quality to help distinguish it from other options and to point out that the finishes and coatings are also designed for such games. But more casual players may prefer these cards’ smooth and soft feel.

Master Card Stock

3. Classic Card Stock

Classic card stock, also known as standard or modern, is very traditional and has a matte appearance. These cards are designed to evoke the classic bicycle card feel. It’s an excellent choice for art cards with visual effects or for trying to create as authentic a card game as possible. However, it is more challenging to handle than some studs.

Classic Card Stock

Choosing the suitable card stock for your playing cards

Customize your playing cards by choosing the suitable card stock for your needs so that you can get quality cards that satisfy you while not spending unnecessary extra money. For example, if you want to customize a batch of playing cards for sale or a themed event, then choose the classic card stock. There is no need to choose the master card stock for quality. Still, if you are customizing a casino’s playing cards, you must choose a higher-quality master card stock. Suppose you have questions about what type of material you should use to customize your playing cards, feel free to contact Chensheng Printing. In that case, we are a professional custom playing card manufacturer and can provide you with the best advice and customization services.

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